IT disturbances that also affect telephony

We are currently experiencing IT disturbances that are affecting several function, among them telephony. Due to this, it is currently not possible to reach us via landline. If you need to get in touch with us, please send an email or call us on our cell phones:

+46 767 695 086, email: FRANZÉN, JIM
+46 703 045 818, email: LINDBLOM, ALEXANDER
+46 708 808 752, email: ENGSTRÖM, JOHAN
+46 704 647 407, email: FOLCKER, CAROLINE

Intelligent lighting control solutions

Hytronik is a leading supplier of energy saving products and intelligent lighting control solutions and have been designing and manufacturing since 2007.

Our Products

Our product series include microwave motion sensors, dimmable LED drivers, DALI drivers as well as LED emergency kit and Bluetooth products.

Human Centric Lighting

Drivers, sensors and panels for tunable white LED modules. The new smart connected lighting systems offer endless possibilities.

Circadian Rhythm

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Bluetooth for luminaire manufacturers and consumers

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Hytronik high quality PIR & microwave motion sensors

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Led Drivers

We deliver high quality LED drivers to the professional lighting industry

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New lighting solutions and create value for your business

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Video guides

How to install and configure a Hytronik Bluetooth dimmer

How to use a Hytronik Bluetooth dimmer