Videoguider: Bluetooth dimmer

Konfiguration, gruppering och styrning av belysningen underlättas för både användare och installatörer med Hytroniks lilla smidiga bluetooth puck. Aggregatet kopplas till övriga komponenter via meshnätverk och styrs via mobilapp.

I våra videoguider visar vi hur det går till!

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LedgeCircle – 35 mm innovation that lights the way

Well thought-out lighting and a fresh appearance from the moment you step into the office was the idea behind the LedgeCircle ceiling range from the technology company DEFA. With a thickness of 35 mm – and world-class control options – the company itself points out that you can obtain a fresh and lightweight luminaire which is suitable for both walls and ceilings. Read more

Application examples: Staircase

We provide you with new lighting solutions and create value for your business by featuring the state-of-the-art technology to enhance the ultimate energy efficiency. Thanks to antenna expertise and sophisticated software programming, Hytronik sensors are tunable to detection range, full power hold time, dimming level after hold-time and standby time for dimmed level in real applications. Our output control signals deliver the choices of: On/Off control, bi-level or tri-level dimming control, tunable white and day light harvesting. Daylight sensors provides opportunity to set daylight threshold so light is activated only when needed. Read more

Hytronik expands into Scandinavia

The Hytronik Nordic offer extended support, logistic solutions and geographical presence. The establishment of Hytronik Nordic has been made in order to create an extended customer offer regarding technical issues, post-sales service, trouble shooting and logistical solutions.

Mr Wilson Hytronik CEO ‘‘We´re happy to announce the opening of the Hytronik Nordic office and warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden!”

Hytronik Nordic is offering all you need for smart lightning not only by the products. In today’s global economy with the entire world as a trading centre, local presence are required as is experience of, technical support, on-site trouble shooting, support for customers in the R&D stage and local warranty. To maximize the logistics, Hytronik Nordic is having an efficient, world-class high-bay warehouse, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Read the press-release at Hytronik site here.