HED1045 Hex Driver DALI 45W

HED1045 is a DALI + sensorDIM + 1-10V + switch-Dim. + RF wireless, multi-current LED driver. This Hex-Drive is a multi-task hex-functional LED driver. Save space, cost, wiring, assembly and inventory by using HED1045.

Some of the product highlights include:

Standby power < 0.5W
Automatic output reduction 80%–60%–40% against overheat
Failure DALI feedback
Flicker-free dimming from 100%~30%
In compliance with DALI 2 standard.
DALI and switch-Dim can be used at the same time.

There is a multiple current selection option thanks to the built in DIP Switch in the driver.


Mechanical structure

Wiring diagram