HIR28 Pir Sensor On/Off

Office, classroom and commercial interior spaces where on/off control is required.

  • Office / Commercial Lighting
  • Classrooms
  • Stairwells / Corridors

HIR28 with on/off relay control

Designed with a low profile for aesthetically demanding architectural projects providing a high quality sensor for simple on/off occupancy control or providing semi-automatic (absence detection) control. An intelligent photocell is also included to prevent switching of the lights when natural daylight is availible. Set-up of the sensor is carried out using a remote control handset with program memory allowing one-key commissioning where common settings are used for multiple devices.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC
Stand-by power <0.5V
Warming-up 20s
Switched power Max. 40 Devices, 80mA
Sensor Priciple PIR Detection
Detection Range Max. (OxH): 12m x 6m
Detection Angel 360 Degrees
Mounting hight 5m (maximum)
Operation temperature -35 ~ +70 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20
Certification Semko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA


Mechanical stucture

Wiring Diagram