HBTD8200D/F Bluetooth Dimmer DALI Fixture Mounting

Free smartphone (iOS and Andriod) App for set-up and comissioning:
Applications The freedom of wireless mesh networks configured by smartphone APP’s considerably changes the approach to connected lighting controls. Hytronik has designed such lighting controls using 4 wireless mesh technology to support the functional demands of most commercial and domestic applications:

  • Office/ Commerical Lightning
  • Domestic Homes

Using the DALI protocol in ‘broadcast’ mode provides support for modern LED lighting fixtures. The built-in DALI power supply can support up to 50 lighting points with flicker-free operation when used with quality DALI LED drivers, such as the Hytronik premium DALI range.


Mains Voltage 220~240VAC
Stand-by power <0.5V
Switched power Max. 50 Devices, 100mA
Operation frequency (Bluetooth) 2.4GHz – 2.483 GHz
Transmission power (Bluetooth) 7dBm
Range (Typical) (Bluetooth) 15 ~ 30m
Protocol Bluetooth 4 Wireless Mesh
Operation temperature -35 ~ +55 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20
Insulation Class II

Mechanical structur

Wiring diagram

Hardware Features

Manual Override (S1 & S2 terminals)

The S1 & S2 terminals allow manual controls for the end-user to switch on/off, or adjust the light level (and colour appearance, where supported) by retractive push-switch. Furthermore, by using the binding option in the App, entire groups of fixtures may be wirelessly controlled by a single switch.

  • Short Push (<1s): permanent on/off function; can also be configured to recall scene selection.
  • Long Push (>1s): Brightness level adjustment or colour tuning (colour tuning for DALI version only).
  • Long Push (>1s) for HBTD8200S (/F) only:
    1. Previous state: ON –> long push –> ON
    Previous state: OFF –> long push –> ON
    2. When binding with Hytronik other bluetooth devices, the lights bound will be dimmed and colour tuning


1) Both the adjustment on App and push switch can overwrite each other, the last adjustment remains in memory.
2) The switch functions are configured in the App.
3) The S1 & S2 terminals may be left unconnected if no manual control is required.

App Information

The set-up and functionality of the HBT8200x serries is covered in the Interior app user guide. The set-up and functionality pf the HBTD200x /F series is covered in the Sensor app user guide. Please ensure the corrrect app is downloaded and installed. The /F models are NOT supported in the Interior app and vice versa. Further technical details beyond the scope of the user manuals are given below.

Device settings – Base Settings
A common set-up screen is used for all models, although tThe base settings available for selection will vary according to the ‘type of light’ selected when adding the device to the network. The ‘type of light’ setting will determine which settings can be adjusted.

Push switch configuraion (S1 & S2 terminals)
Both app guides cover fully the push switch configuration. A ‘single click’ (short push) is determined in software as depressing the switch for between 0.1 to 0.5 seconds.

When the ‘type of light’ is configured for both colour tuning and dimming, the double click option shows the availibilty for ‘Circadian rhythm’ This option provides manual re-start of the circadian rhythm profile, should it be interuppted using manual settings. Selecting this option will prompt to set up the circadian rhythm mode if it is not already enabled.

Simple Human Certic Lighting (HBTD8200D [/F] DALI models only.
This mode requires the connection of DALI DT8 LED drivers used with tunable white luminaires. A dynamic lighting scene can be created which will automatically change brightness and colour of the lamp according to the time of day. The circadian rhythm function can be considered as a 24 hour timer in which the lights may be set to operate at any level of brightness or colour temperature for each hour of the day.

The app guide covers fully the set-up of the circadian rhythm function, download guide here (pdf).