QCB04 Bluetooth Smart quick connection box, Wago

QCB04 Bluetooth quick connection box is equipped with Wago connectors and offers a simple and easy way to conofigure a system by integrating luminaires of switch-dim, 1-10V or DALI controls, motion detectors and emergency control gear. The connection box is ideal for education, industrial, commercial and retail buildings or anywhere that requires costs control. Put it simply, it meets all demands in lighting controls and energy management applications with ability of simplifying installation via plug’n’play connection and minimiz-ing cost and time. What’s more, with Bluetooth module built inside, the quick connection boxes become intelligent and even offer higher degree of connectivity as more features can be unlocked via Koolmesh app. Configure and use the Koolmesh app for grouping luminaires via mesh network and set up levels for rooms & groups.

QCB04 smart connected lighting systems offers almost endless possibilities and are fully supporting EnOcean switch EWSSB/EWSDB.

E-number: E17 114 37

Technical specification (pdf)












Technical Data

Channel 1 channel x6 output
Working temperature Ta: -20° ~ +50°C
Humidity (RH%) 20% ~ 90%
Storage temperature -20° ~ +60°C
IP rating IP20
Certification CE RED
Safety standard IEC/EN61058, AS/NZS61058

IEC/EN61535; IEC/EN61984

IEC/EN60670-1; IEC/EN60670-22

Bluetooth Transceiver

Operation frequency 2.4 GHz – 2.483 GHz
Transmission power 4 dBm
Range (Typical indoor) 10 ~ 30m
Protocol Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh

Wiring diagram as per the technical specification (pdf)

Technical Data